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World Handicap System Info Message #1 from CSGA

The new GHIN and World Handicap Systems (WHS) are now live. This is the first in a series of weekly emails introducing CSGA golfers to the new World Handicap System and GHIN Golfer tools. Your Handicap Index has been updated to reflect changes in the handicap system and you may now use and the GHIN Mobile App to access your handicap record using your GHIN number and last name.

Golfers are encouraged to download and use the GHIN Mobile App for Android and IOS devices. Existing mobile app users will need to search in the relevant app store and select "Update". Golfers may also access their records at

Both and the GHIN Mobile App will allow golfers to view their current Handicap Index and score history, lookup the Handicap Index of others, use the Course Handicap Calculator and track stats for scores posted hole by hole.

Posting Scores Under the WHS

There are a few changes in the Rules related to posting scores to your handicap record.

Maximum Hole Score for Handicap Purposes

Any scores to be posted are to be done so in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping under the WHS. The maximum hole score for each player will be limited to a Net Double Bogey.

Timely Submission of Scores

Remember, your Handicap Index under the WHS will update each day so be sure to post your scores promptly.

The CSGA will be communicating additional information about both the World Handicap System (WHS) and the new GHIN platform over the coming months. These emails will include information about both systems as well as opportunities for the training and certification of club officials.

As always, do not hesitate to contact the CSGA with any questions or concerns.


Bill Bigler

Director, Member Services

Connecticut State Golf Association

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