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(Updated February 2023)

 Member Eligibility

  1. Completed membership applications and annual dues must be submitted before March 15 to ensure all are properly set up on the Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN) and Tournament Scoring software as follows:

    • For new members without a handicap, get a GHIN number to quickly establish a handicap,

    • For new members with valid handicaps, transfer GHIN numbers and handicaps, 

    • For returning members, re-establish GHIN activations and valid handicaps for the upcoming season.

  2. If no valid handicap exists, new members must post scores for 3 complete rounds (54 holes using any combination of 9-hole and/or 18-hole rounds) on the GHIN System to establish an official handicap.

  3. All members must complete play in five (5) BFRMC tournament rounds to be eligible to play in the BFRMC Club Championship including the Match Play Championship matches (no exceptions).


 Scorecards & Score Posting (See the Handicap Notice page for additional information)

  1. After attempting to make the best score possible on each hole, members are obligated for reporting all Acceptable Scores – this includes both 9-hole and 18-hole scores for:

    • All BFRMC Match Play Championship Tournament matches

    • All other league play on any course 

    • All general play at any course including Blue Fox Run

    • All team play like Member/Guest events including best ball and/or team match play

    • All formal competitions or tournaments

    • All out of state and/or out of country vacation play and "Snowbird" scores

  2. All members must verify their hole-by-hole (gross) scores and sign the BFRMC event scorecards. A club member will input all player scores using the signed and verified event scorecards and then post these scores via bulk upload to the Golf Handicap Information Network ( using the club’s Tournament Scoring software. The club’s Tournament Scoring software will calculate the Adjusted Gross Score (a maximum of Net Double Bogey per hole) and total net score prior to posting.

  3. It is the responsibility of all members to post Acceptable Scores for All Other Play on the day of play (before midnight). The player is obligated to post Adjusted Gross Scores as soon as practical (using your computed Course Handicap to record a maximum of Net Double Bogey per hole) for these rounds using either the Club Scoring Kiosks at all courses, the GHIN Mobile App on a smartphone, or the GHIN Desktop Dashboard at


Pro Shop Credit

  1. Golf Shop credit is redeemable for Pro Shop Equipment only.  Purchases of greens fees, food/beverage, or range tokens are not eligible for use of Golf Shop Credit.

  2. Golf Shop credit must be redeemed at the course by end of the current season.


 Tournament Sign Up Procedure

  1. Sign Ups: Weekly Tee Sheets are available Sunday mornings when the Pro Shop opens, 7 days in advance, for all Tournaments the following week. One foursome per person at sign-up. The course will make available tee times between 8am-10am for sign up.  Should a group wish to play outside of this window, they will have to note as much on the Tee Sheet and will be required to make a tee time with the Pro Shop.

  2. The initial Tee Sheet (with Sunday morning's sign ups) for the next week's tournament will be sent out to members to identify additional Men's Club tee time openings. 

  3. Cancellations due by Friday: The person signing up for himself and/or other players, will be held responsible for notifying the Golf Shop of any cancellations. This notification must take place prior to 5:00 PM on the Friday prior to the event.

  4. Each Saturday morning, players/groups may be combined/consolidated for play starting at 8am. The updated Tee Sheet will then be sent to members and any unfilled tee times will be made available to the public for purchase.

Player of the Year

For tournaments that are designated Player of the Year events (see the tournament schedule), the following point system is used for both Gross and Net divisions:

1st Place -- 12 points
2nd Place -- 9 points
3rd Place -- 8 points
4th Place -- 7 points
5th Place -- 6 points

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