2020 Newsletter

Fellow and Prospective Members,

I hope this Newsletter finds you healthy and anxious to start a new golf season at BFR. On January 25th the Executive and Tournament Committees along with Barry Wilson and Jay Dennis met to discuss our plans for this year. I’d like to take this time to elaborate on them.  Before I do though, I’d like to thank each of you for continuing to support the Men’s Club and BFR. 


While many other Men’s Clubs in the area have been shrinking, our membership rolls have not.  In 2018 the BFRMC had 99 members and in 2019 we had 110 members, we have grown!     Further, I ran across some old records recently and of those 110 members, over 30 of us were members in 2000, and nearly 20 of us were around since the 1980’s.  I’d suggest that this longevity is less a function of healthy lifestyles and more likely because our club has been a great place to spend Sunday’s year after year.

Now let me share some information that will be of use in the coming year:

  • I am pleased to report that three of the people who are keys to the success of BFR and the Men’s Club will be returning next season. Jim Becker our Club Professional, Jay Dennis our Director of Golf, and Stephen Curry the course Superintendent will again bring us their expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication to improving the BFR customer and Mens's Club experience in 2020.  Better merchandise in the Pro Shop, improved course and range conditions, and a more efficient staff are just a few of the benefits that will make 2020 at BFR even better than 2019.


  • The course irrigation system was fixed by the end of last year and the issues created by the breakdown are behind us.  Despite this huge problem, Stephen Curry’s promise to improve the greens and fringes and mitigate the damage from the prior year was kept. We expect further improvements to other parts of the course including the bunkers and look forward to great conditions in his 2nd year of his tenure.


  • Barry Wilson advised us the current golf cart contract is up and a new improved fleet will arrive around June. 


  • The restaurant contract with North House has been renewed and Justin is working on an improved menu and services. He has been hard at work all winter cleaning, renovating, and painting the bar and restaurant area; it looks great!

  • At the beginning of 2019 there was considerable concern about the proposed housing development plans for part of the course property.  As most of you probably know, the proposed zoning change was rejected by the town and at this time the course is still a 27-hole tract.  The Executive Board is will remain in close contact with Barry Wilson and members will be notified of any changes in status.





The following slate of Officers and Committee Members were elected at our annual meeting following the Fall Classic:


Executive Board

President – Steve Young

VP & Handicap Chairman – Jim Clark

Treasurer – Paul Pedemonti

Secretary – Barry Kleinberg


Tournament Committee

Bruce Kraczkowsky

Ray Stoll

Mike Clark

Chris Sedgwick

Jeff Richardson


2019 Major Tournament Winners

  • Club Championship: Congratulations to Bruce Kraczkowsky (G) in a playoff with Mick Robberds, and Frank Chaves (N) for winning their respective divisions.

  • Senior Championship: Manny Dasilva (G)  and JM Woodward (N)

  • Member/Member Championship: Mick Robberds and Manny Dasilva(G) and Dave Bagdigian and Barney Light (N)

  • Spring Classic: Will Lorenz (G) and Chip Lawrence (N)

  • Presidents Cup: Bruce Kraczkowsky (G) and Jack Richardson (N

  • Fall Classic: Tom Scarrozzo (G) and Marc Dejordy (N)

  • Player of the Year: Tom Scarrozzo (G) and Dan Clark (N).


         Note: If you are new to our club or just want to make sure that

         you understand our point system for determining the winners,

         go to the Policies on the website.


Match Play Champion

Thanks to all of you who participated in this Championship.  I’m happy to report that there were no significant delays or scheduling difficulties for the contestants and we had a number of new faces as flight winners.  It’s a great way to qualify for the free golf shootout and to pick up some merchandise credit along the way.  This year’s winners were:


A Flight – Tom Scarrozzo          B Flight – Pete Mathes

C Flight – Don Crowe                   D Flight – Jack Richardson


Congratulations to this year’s winner – Tom Scarrozzo


Free Golf Shootout

The Top 2 Gross and Top 4 Net POY earners, along with the 4 Match Play flight winners, plus the lowest Gross and Net scores from the Fall Classic (who hadn’t already qualified) are sent to White #9 to test their nerves in front of a rowdy gallery to win Free Golf for the following season.  This year’s winner was Marc Wiest!


2020 Schedule Highlights 

Opening Day Shotgun:  This year our season starts on Sunday, April 5th.  Call anytime during the week prior to reserve a tee time.  If weather or course conditions prevent us from playing that day we’ll try it again the following Sunday.  I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.


Match Play Championship: Please note that we have decided to make a change to the sign-up and qualifying procedure for the Match Play tournament.  Rather than pay a $5 entry fee and then $15 when you play your first match, a $20 fee will be required (pay in the pro shop) when you sign up and the first 64 members to sign up are guaranteed a spot in the event.


Club Championship: This year’s event will take place on July 11th and 12th.  We will continue the 54-hole format for the Gross Division and 36 holes for the Net Divisions.  In the event of ties, the Net division will have a 3-hole playoff after 36 holes and the Gross division will have a Sudden Death playoff after 54 holes.  Please remember that you must have played in a minimum of 5 Men’s Club events (including Match Play) to compete in this event.


Senior Championship:  This event will be held on August 2nd as a tournament within a regularly scheduled event.  Keep an eye out for details as the date approaches.


Member/Member Championship:  This event is scheduled for September 12th & 13th.  If you need a partner (for any member/member event) please contact the pro shop and they do their best to find you one.


Other News

 New World Handicap System: Most of you have been receiving updates from the CSGA regarding our conversion to the new World Handicap System and GHIN.com.  There are a number of changes and are too numerous to detail in this newsletter. However, we have summarized all the changes and have updated the website to include this information on the “Handicap Notice” page under Club Info.  We have also posted the weekly CSGA emails to the website on the “BFRMC Blog” under News. Similar information will posted in the locker room and on the weekly tournament information sheets in order to emphasize the changes that affect the scoring of our events and each player’s responsibilities.


USGA Rule Changes: I’m sure that you’re all aware of the significant number of rules changes that went into effect last year.  We encourage each of you to complete some due diligence and familiarize yourself with the changes as the Men’s Club will be adopting them. Certain obvious new rules like leaving the flagstick in while on the green are pretty straightforward while others like how and where to take relief may not be.  USGA.org recaps and elaborates on the changes on their website and we will be posting and highlighting the changes we have and have not adopted during the year to help keep us all on the same page.


Club Tee Times: In 2020 the Men’s Club will again have exclusive tee times between 7:30-10:00 for our events.  Anyone who wishes to play before or after that time slot can still do so but any unused tee times outside of our block may be filled by the public at course management discretion.  Please note that the Executive Board and Tournament Committee will be working closely with the Pro Shop this year to minimize the number of open or partially filled tee times within our block.  This will mean that singles and twosomes may be called and asked to join another group to open times for our members and to allow public times to be available as early as possible in the morning.  The practice of signing up a foursome and then having 1 or 2 of the group not knowing, showing, or calling to cancel is frowned upon so please make sure if you’re signing someone up they know it and plan to play. The Pro Shop should be notified of any cancellations by Wednesday 5PM. Jay has been sending an email each week detailing who is scheduled to play and what times or slots are still open.  Please make sure you check this each week and alert the Pro Shop to any changes that are necessary. 




Please Pitch In! – Everyone wants to play on a course that’s perfectly groomed and maintained; we each have a responsibility to do our part in making that happen.  The grounds crew cannot fix every ball mark, replace every divot, and keep every trap raked.  I ask each of you to do your part by replacing or filling more than just the divot you made, raking more of the trap than the part you were just in, and fixing as many balls marks as you can each time you play.


Tournament Eligibility - Please take a moment to familiarize yourselves with the Rules and your Responsibilities for posting eligible scores.  Firstly, please note that in any MC event you need to play with another MC member for your score to be eligible.  In Member/Member events your partner does not count as that other member so at least one other MC member or assigned marker is needed. 


Two-Day Championship Events - There are two tournaments, the Club Championship and the Member/Member Championship, where we assign the final day pairings and tee times. The primary rationale for this practice is to allow for players/teams in contention to playing together and finish 2nd rounds at similar times and allows course management to clear space for us during public play hours for:  

  • The afternoon round for the Club Championship/Gross division to take place without delay at an anticipated time; and

  • Any extra holes to take place without delay for possible playoffs/tiebreakers during the Member/Member Championship (Gross & Net Divisions) and Club Championship/Net division tournaments.

Please note that if you miss your tee time for these championships you will be penalized and/or disqualified from the tournament.


Course Etiquette - Every year we need to remind our members of the following:

  • Fivesomes are NOT allowed (except by permission from the Pro Shop),

  • Carts should NEVER be driven up to and on Tee Boxes and Greens/Fringes. 

Both of these behaviors have been displayed by our members and are not acceptable.  Thanks for everyone’s future cooperation.


Handicaps and Posting All Acceptable Scores - The Executive Board and Tournament Committee would like to remind each member that it is a club requirement to post all acceptable scores for handicap computation.  This is a requirement for all match play, stroke play, 2-ball and 4-ball events (9 or 18 holes) including Men’s Club or other weekly league play as well as any and all rounds played at home or away courses.  If you have any questions regarding this requirement, please contact any BFRMC Committee member after you have referred to the Handicap Notice to Players on website.   



2020 Season Passes – If you want to be a golf club member with season privileges please contact Barry or Jay for details. Please note the Men’s Club dues are NOT included in the price of this membership so please be sure to send your application and a check for the Men’s Club to the address listed.  In addition, BFR will be offering some new options (tentatively named the “Super Card” and “Senior Super Card”) for those of you who do not wish to purchase a full membership.  This will be an installment-type debit card (like the highway EZ-pass) with discounts on greens fees, range balls, Pro Shop merchandise, etc. Contact the Pro Shop or Barry for more details.


Pro Shop Credit for New Member Referral – We continue to offer a $25 golf shop credit to members who refer a new member to us.  Requirements: You will only receive credit if the person you refer puts your name on his paid application in the space provided and they have not been a BFRMC member during the last 3 years.




2020 Membership Dues (remain unchanged)

$160 - Regular Members (30 and over)        $ 80 - Junior Members (18-29)


All members in good standing have exclusive access to the following:

  • Guaranteed Sunday Morning Tee Times

  • Certified USGA Handicap

  • Entry into all of the 30 Weekly Men’s Club Tournaments with:

    • Multiple divisions of play based on established handicaps

    • Gross and Net Payouts for all divisions

    • Points toward BFRMC Gross and Net Player of the Year award

  • Eligible for entry into the BFRMC Match Play Championship with a chance for entry into the BFRMC Free Golf Shootout

  • Chance to qualify for NE Public Golf Association (NEPGA) tournaments

  • Hole in One Insurance (first premium) – Membership dues include $5.00 to cover up to $175 of a bar tab per H-I-O in a Men’s club event.  If the fund runs out during the season a notice will be sent to all members to alert them to the need to make a supplement payment to extend their coverage.


Please note that if your completed application and dues are not received by March 15th we cannot guarantee that you will have an active handicap in time for our first tournament.


Lastly, on behalf of the Executive Board and Tournament Committee, I’d like to thank each of you for supporting the Men’s Club and allowing us to manage its affairs.  We encourage you to reach out to us with your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas and look forward to seeing you on Opening Day.


Stephen Young - President                                                                                     

Blue Fox Run GC

65 Nod Road

Avon, CT

contact golf shop at

860-678-1679 ext. 2

Blue Fox Run Men's Club 

PO Box 104

Farmington, CT 06034-328



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