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2022 Newsletter

Fellow and Prospective Members,

I hope this Newsletter finds you and yours healthy and looking forward to the upcoming season at BFR. On February 12th the Executive and Tournament Committees along with Barry Wilson, Jim Becker, and Jay Dennis met for a 2nd time to discuss their and our plans for 2022. This past year was a challenging one. We had more weather related cancelled events than I can remember and the course took a beating.  Despite this we had strong weekly turnout.  We hope you as well as a few friends or acquaintances will join in 2022 and that the following information will help to confirm that decision.

During the winter meetings we discussed a wide range of topics. Some were course related, some were board performance and expectations related, and some were about making the weekly events as inclusive and fair as possible for all of us.  The following will give you some insight about what to expect this season and how we intend to make 2022 a great year for the BFRMC.

  • The course will remain as 27 holes this year with no construction projects scheduled other than course maintenance. 


  • BFR Management has again increased this year’s maintenance budget. Although last year’s budget was significantly increased the weather damage done to the course ate up every dollar and then some. Just trying to get all holes playable became the priority and even that wasn’t possible. The irrigation system that I reported last year was fixed took a hit when the lightning storm that leveled the pine tree between #4 Red and #3 White also fried a number of circuits. I’m happy to report that all of those repairs were completed last season.  Management is committed to repairing the damage on #4 white and #5 Blue.  Spring water levels will determine how quickly those repairs can progress. Our committees asked management to focus on doing a better job maintaining the tees, significantly improving the fringes, and to cutting and or rolling the greens to improve the speed and consistency. We all agreed that these improvements were necessary for the health of the MC and the course and I’m confident they will take place.


  • The Bar and Restaurant will again be run by BFR Management this year. Justin has taken a new position at a club downstate so we will have a new Manager and Head Chef. A majority of the staff is returning but we’ll see some new faces this Spring.


The following slate of officers was elected at our annual meeting

following the Fall Classic last year:


Executive Board

President – Stephen Young

VP & Handicap Chairman– Chris Sedgwick

Treasurer – Paul Pedemonti

Secretary – Barry Kleinberg


  • 2022 Season Passes and Men’s Club Greens Fees:  Barry Wilson has advised us that Greens Fees for Men’s Club Events in 2021 will be $40 for walkers and $48 with a cart. This is a significant discount from the $59 that the public pays on the weekends.  Course Memberships are also available at the following pricing:

    • $2000 - 7 days a week with cart

    • $1500 - weekdays only with cart

    • $1000 - 7 days a week, no cart

    • $ 695 - weekdays only, no cart

  • Please note that Men’s Club dues are NOT included in the price of this membership so please be sure to send your application and check to the address listed on the website.


  • Tee Times:   In 2022 the Men’s Club will continue to have tee times between 8:00-10:00 for our events. The agreement keeping the Front Nine empty ahead of us until 8:00 will remain and will enable the maintenance crew a better window to work on the course without interference.  Those who need to play outside of this guaranteed time slot can still do so but a tee time may only be available if you book 8 days or more before the event. Since tee times outside of our block will be filled by the public you can expect to be merged into public play if you choose this option. The EC and TC will be working closely with the Pro shop to minimize the number of open or partially filled tee times within our block so there are ample slots for all of our members.  This means that Onesomes and Twosomes may be called and asked to join another group to open times for our members. Jay will continue to send a tee time attachment out each week as a reminder of who is scheduled to play and what times or slots are still open.  Please make sure you check this each week and alert the Pro Shop to any changes that are necessary.


  • Tees:  Over the past few years there has been quite a bit of conversation about how the length of the course impacts our membership.  We have some very good players that want the course to play longer, some older members who find some holes just too long, and a number of us who don’t have a strong opinion about the subject.  Trying to please everyone all of the time may not be possible but we have made the following changes which we hope will better satisfy the majority of us most of the time.  When you look at this year’s schedule you’ll see that most of the Individual events can be played from either the Blue or the Black Tees.  Our plan is to set the Blue Tees at 5900-6100 yards and the Black Tees at 6300-6500.  On the whole this will shorten the Blue tee set up (especially on the Blue Nine) and provide the Gross players a number of additional tournaments to play the course from the Black Tees. 


  • Website Updates:  One area where the EC committee did not meet our, or your, expectations last year was with respect to the timely updating of Weekly Results, POY Standings, and Handicap Entry into the GHIN system. We have had numerous discussions about how to proceed and improve this year and we are confident that all of the above will be up on the website prior to the next week’s event in 2022.


  • Weekly Payouts: In order to simplify weekly scoring and make our payouts as equitable as possible we will initially only have a Gross and Net Division, each with their own pool of the payouts (for Blue/Black Tee events).  The 3 Net divisions in the past typically had 6 Net and 3 Gross winners each week.  This will change to approximately 9 Net payouts and no Gross payouts.  The Gross field will be playing for approximately 3 spots of which 2 will be Gross and 1 Net.  We anticipate this will spread our payouts more evenly throughout the field which is one of our objectives every year.



2022 Schedule Highlights


Opening Day:  This year our season starts on Sunday, April 3rd.  Call any time after March 22nd to reserve your tee time.  If weather or course conditions prevent us from playing that day we’ll try again the following Sunday.  I’m looking forward to seeing you there.


Match Play Championship: Sign up for the Match Play tournament will begin on Opening Day.  The first 32 members who pay the $20 entry fee will be eligible.  Your handicap index will determine which flight you are in and seeding within the flight.


Club Championship:  We spent quite a bit of time thinking about how to improve this event.  Over the years the format has changed many times.  Most of you wouldn’t know that in the past it was played over multiple weekends and even played as a match play event in the 80’s. This year we have scheduled it to be played over 2 consecutive weekends.  The Net Division will play their 36 holes on Sunday, July 17th and Sunday, July 24th.  The Gross Div. will remain a 54 hole competition but that group will play their first round on Saturday, July 16th  and their 2nd and 3rd rounds the following 2 Sundays.  There will be no cut after 36 holes. A 3-hole playoff for the Net Division and a Sudden Death playoff in the Gross Division will follow if needed. Please remember that you must have played in a minimum of 5 Men’s Club events (including Match Play) to compete in this event.


Senior Championship:  This event will be held on August 14th as a tournament within the scheduled event.  Keep an eye out for details as the date approaches.


Member/Member Championship:  This event is scheduled for September 10th & 11th.


Fall Classic: As usual this Shotgun event takes place on the first Sunday in October and is chock full of significance.  It is the final POY event after which the winner is determined.  It is the date for the Free Golf Shootout, and it is the date we elect Officers for the 2023 season. A great day and a lot of fun.



2021 Major Tournament Winners


Club Championship: Jay Dennis (G) and Harv Sylvan(N)


Senior Championship: Tom Scarrozzo (G) and Paul Erwin (N).


Member/Member Championship:  Mike Clark and Joe Dabkowski (G)

Sal Garofalo and Jim Lester (N)


Spring Classic: Mick Robberds (G) and Mark Stansfield (N)


Presidents Cup: Mike Clark (G) and Jun Yan (N)


Fall Classic: Mike Clark (G) and Richard Bronson (N)


Player of the Year: Mike Clark (G) and Hank Doll (N).


Note: If you are new to our club or just want to make sure that you understand our point system for determining the winners, go to the on the home page.


Match Play Champion: Thanks to all of you who participated in this Championship.  I’m happy to report that there were no significant delays or scheduling difficulties for the contestants and we had a number of new faces as flight winners.  It’s a great way to qualify for the free golf shootout and to pick up some merchandise credit along the way.  This year’s winners were:


A Flight – Mike Clark    C Flight – Mark Wiest

B Flight – Harv Sylvan   D Flight – Nick Scarrozzo


Congratulations to this year’s winner – Harv Sylvan


Free Golf Shootout:  The Top 2 Gross and Top 4 Net POY earners, along with the 4 Match Play flight winners, plus the lowest Gross and Net scores from the Fall Classic (who hadn’t already qualified) are sent to White #9 to test their nerves in front of a rowdy gallery to win Free Golf for the following season. This year’s winner was Mike Clark.



Please Pitch In! – Everyone wants to play on a course that’s perfectly groomed and maintained and we each have a responsibility to do our part in making that happen.  The grounds crew cannot fix every ball mark, replace every divot, and keep every trap raked.  I ask each of you to do your part by replacing or filling more than just the divot you made, raking more of the trap than the part you were just in, and fixing as many balls marks as you can each time you play.


Tournament Eligibility

Please take a moment to familiarize yourselves with the Rules and your Responsibilities for posting eligible scores. Firstly please note that in any MC event you need to play with another MC member for your score to be eligible. In Member/Member events your partner does not count as that other member so at least one other MC member or assigned spotter is needed. There are two tournaments, the Club Championship and the Member/Member Championship, where we assign the final day pairings and tee times. The primary rationale for this rule is to allow the afternoon round in the Gross Div., or possible playoff in the Net Div., to take place without delay at an anticipated time. This allows the Club to clear space for us during public play hours and to insure that players in contention are playing together and finishing their 2nd rounds at similar times. Please note that if you miss your tee time for these CC’s you may be penalized or disqualified from the tournament.


Course Etiquette

Every year we need to remind our members that fivesomes are not allowed (except by permission) and that Carts should not be driven up to and on the fringes. Both of these behaviors have been displayed by our members and are not acceptable. Thanks for everyone’s future cooperation.


Handicaps and Posting All Acceptable Scores

The EC and TC would like to remind each member that it is a club requirement to post all acceptable scores for handicap computation. This is a requirement for all match play, stroke play, 2-ball and 4-ball events (9 or 18 holes) including Men’s Club or other weekly league play as well as any and all rounds played by the Rules of Golf at home or away courses. If you have any questions regarding this requirement, please contact any BFRMC Committee member you have referred to the under the tab on website. 


Pro Shop Credit for New Member Referral – We offer a $25 golf shop credit for members who refer a new member to us.  You will only receive credit if the person you refer puts your name on his paid application in the space provided and hasn’t been a member during the last 3 years.


Redeeming Pro Shop Credit – One of the benefits of playing in the Men’s Club is the opportunity to win Pro Shop credit.  Any unused credit you have should be used by Dec. 1st of the year.


2022 Membership Dues

$160 - Regular Members (30 and over)

$125 – New Member (Not a member in the past 3 years)


Please note that if your completed application and dues are not received by March 15th we cannot guarantee that you will have an active handicap in time for our first tournament.


If you have or wish to maintain a handicap thru another course or entity please contact us for details regarding your dues.


Member Benefits

All members in good standing have exclusive access to the following:

  • Guaranteed Sunday Morning Tee Times

  • Certified USGA Handicap

  • Entry into all of the 30 Weekly Men’s Club Tournaments with:

  • Multiple divisions of play based on established handicaps

  • Gross and Net Payouts for all divisions

  • Points toward BFRMC Gross and Net Player of the Year award

  • Eligible for entry into the BFRMC Match Play Championship with a chance for entry into the BFRMC Free Golf Shootout

  • Hole in One Insurance (first premium) – Membership dues include $5.00 to cover up to $175 of a bar tab per H-I-O in a Men’s club event.  If the fund is exhausted during the season a notice will be sent to all members to alert them to the need to make a supplement payment to extend their protection of coverage.


Lastly, on behalf of the Executive Board and Tournament Committee, I’d like to thank each of you for supporting the Men’s Club and allowing us to manage its affairs. We encourage you to reach out to us with your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas and look forward to seeing you this year.


Stephen Young - President

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