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The Match Play brackets and pairings are now available on the website. Since we are starting this competition a bit late I would encourage everyone playing to immediately reach out to your opponent and play your matches by the 6/30 deadline.

The Pro Shop has 4 times reserved for this Saturday, 6/20, and will do the same for next Saturday, 6/27. They will be available on a first come first served basis. You will be paired with another match unless you make your own arrangements for a foursome.

Verified and attested scorecards indicating the results of your matches should be emailed to and just as you have been doing for our Men's Club events. A link to download a scorecard for Match Play is also included below.

Please post your scores on as well. Penalty scores will be posted in your scoring record if you fail to do so, no exceptions. 

Rules for the Match Play Championship are on the Men's Club website. Please verify your handicaps before your match and play the White and Blue Nines from the Blue Tees.

If you are having difficulty scheduling your matches or have other issues please contact Steve Young at or by calling me at 860.712.8484.

Play well.

Stephen Young, BFRMC President

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