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(revised January 2022)

Q: I am having problems with BFRMC messages and notifications getting delivered to my email address?

A: Your email service provider is likely blocking (e.g., treating as spam) any emails sent by BFRMC because of the long distribution lists attached. You probably need to modify your web service email options and identify the club's web domain ( as a domain that is allowed to send messages to your email address. If you are unsure how to do this yourself, please contact your email service provider (GMail, Yahoo, AOL, SBC, Cox, Comcast, etc.) for help.

Q: Are Individual Tournaments counted towards the 5 needed to play in the Club Championship?

A:  Yes, any event you play in including the Match Play tournament and qualifying counts towards the 5 minimum events required to play in the annual Club Championship.


Q: As a new member who does not know any current members, when signing up for a tournament will I be assigned to a foursome automatically, or do I need to seek out playing partners?

A:  It is not necessary to seek out playing partners. If you sign up as single, you will be assigned to a foursome as close as possible to the tee time you request.  If you need a partner for a member/member event, please call (or visit) the golf shop to let them know and they will attempt to pair you up with another member.


Q: Is there anything being done to curb the slow play situation in front of you? 

A: This is everyone's responsibility. If your group is falling behind, you must make every effort to catch up to group ahead of you. Course rangers may issue warnings for groups who are out of position and the club may assess penalties to those who continue to be flagged for slow play.  Keep play moving.  Four hour and fifteen-minute rounds should be our goal. 


Q: Do you have to putt out on each hole or can someone concede a putt when you are close?

A: You MUST hole out every putt, regardless of the tournament.  The penalty for breach of this rule is a disqualification.


Q:  I'm a new member, how do I get a handicap and GHIN number?

A A: If you do not have a previous handicap, the club will first set you up in the Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN) and you will get a GHIN number.  To find out your GHIN number, contact the club's Handicap Chairman. Once received, you can use your GHIN number to post scores to Then, only 54 holes (any combination of 18- and 9-hole rounds) are required to establish a new handicap index. For these initial rounds, the maximum score on any hole must equal par plus 5 strokes. Until 54 holes are posted, you will play in the "gross" division only. 

    B: If you are a new member and you have an established and valid handicap from a previous club, you will be able to transfer your GHIN number over to BFRMC. Please provide that information on your member application.

Q: How do I enter my weekly BFRMC tournament scores?

A: Your scores from each weekly BFRMC tournament will be entered and posted to for you by the golf shop staff via the tournament scoring software. Please verify your hole-by-hole gross scores and then have the member event scorecard signed and attested. Completed scorecards are turned in to the Pro Shop at the completion of your round.


Q: How do I enter my other 9-hole and 18-hole scores?

A: You may use the Club Scoring Kiosk at all courses. You may also use the GHIN Mobile App on a Smartphone. Another option is to use the GHIN Desktop Dashboard by going to via an internet connected computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Scores must be posted on the same day of play (before midnight). You will enter your Adjusted Gross Score with a maximum score on any hole as Net Double Bogey. Please turn-in completed scorecards to the "Away Scorecards" box in the men's locker room.

Q: What is needed on a completed scorecard?

A: A completed (verified, signed and attested) scorecard includes legible player names, the hole-by-hole gross scores, the Adjusted Gross Score, the course and tees played, and the play date.

Q: What is the proper procedure for calculating Net Double Bogey on each hole so we can post the Adjusted Gross Scores?

A: Refer to the Handicap Notice page on this website for these instructions.

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