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World Handicap System - CSGA Memo #8

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

This is the eighth in a series of weekly emails introducing CSGA golfers to the new World Handicap System (WHS) and GHIN Golfer products. Last week, we discussed the Scores Acceptable for Handicap Purposes.

This week we present the designation of a player's Home Club which is defined as "the player’s primary golf club designated by the player to ensure their Handicap Index is managed in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping."

For example, a golfer who plays in Connecticut during the warmer months and plays in Florida during the colder months may be a member of more than one golf club. Those golfers should have one GHIN number and they should post all scores to that one record. When a golfer is in Florida for the winter, their Florida club should be designated as their home club and when they return to Connecticut for the season, they should designate their Connecticut club as their home club.

Setting your home club in the GHIN system may be performed by a golf club administrator or the regional association. Golfers with more than one GHIN number should request that those records be merged into one to comply with the Rules of Handicapping. The merge process may be performed by a regional association (CSGA, FSGA, etc.).

Golfers who are a member of more than one club in Connecticut must still designate a home club. A player should decide which golf club to designate as their home club based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Proximity to primary residence,

  • Frequency of play, and/or

  • The golf club where they submit most of their acceptable scores.

Refer to the Rules of Handicapping Manual for more information.

The designation of a club as your Home Club, will allow that club to administer your GHIN Handicap Index.

If you have any questions about the World Handicap System or the new GHIN golfer tools, please reach out to us via email.


Bill Bigler

Director, Member Services

Connecticut State Golf Association

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