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World Handicap System - CSGA Memo #6

This is the sixth in a series of weekly emails introducing CSGA golfers to the new World Handicap System (WHS) and GHIN Golfer tools. Last week, we discussed the Limit of the Upward Movement of a Handicap Index.

This week we present the Submission of an Exceptional Score. The reduction due to exceptional tournament scores, which was part of the old handicap system, has been eliminated. Under the WHS there is a new definition and procedure.

Exceptional Score A Score Differential which is at least 7.0 strokes better than the player’s Handicap Index at the time the round was played (see Rule 5.9 Submission of an Exceptional Score).

When the Score Differential for a round is between 7.0 and 9.9 strokes below a golfer's current Handicap index, a -1.0 reduction is applied to the most recent 20 score differentials.

When the Score Differential is 10.0 strokes or more below their Handicap Index, a -2.0 reduction is applied to the most recent 20 score differentials

Scores submitted after the exceptional score will not contain the -1.0 or -2.0 adjustment (unless they are also exceptional), which will allow reduction to gradually work itself out of a Scoring Record.

If you have any questions about the World Handicap System or the new GHIN golfer tools, please reach out to us via email.


Bill Bigler

Director, Member Services

Connecticut State Golf Association

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