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Season Starts on May 3

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May 2 Update

Hello BFRMC Members, We apologize for the number of emails you have been receiving as we roll out the new procedures related to the CSGA COVID-19 guidelines which prevent the Club from handing out scorecards and printed tournament instructions. As previously mentioned, until further notice, you will be receiving emails such as these to communicate and distribute the weekly tournament instructions. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the mobile scoring function via the Golf Genius/USGA Tournament smartphone app. As such,

ALL PLAYERS (or at least one member per group) WILL NEED TO PRINT THEIR OWN SCORECARD. Use the link below to download and print the pdf version of the scorecard.

  • With your printed scorecard, fill it out by hand with GROSS scores during your round;

  • Make sure the card is complete and verified showing the date played, courses/tees played and has 2 member signatures.

  • Then take a photo of your completed and verified scorecard.

  • Then send the photo via email to and

Please submit all scores by 4PM.Scores submitted after 12:00AM (midnight) on the day of play will result in disqualification and those players will not be eligible for the weekly tournament competition nor associated pro shop credits.

Thanks for your attention to and compliance with this message. If you have any questions, please send to See you on Sunday! Jim Clark, BFRMC VP & Handicap Chairman

Forms for Download and printing:

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