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Fellow Members,

We have some good news to share with you but before that I’d like to express my hope for good health for all of you and your loved ones during these trying times.


As many of you found out today the State of Connecticut will now allow Golf Courses to open and operate under certain conditions. As a result BFR will be re-opening on Thursday, March 26 at 9am. There are a number of rules they must adhere to (see attached guidance from the CSGA) and the following procedures will be in place until further notice:

  • The BFR Clubhouse will be closed to the public.

  • Tee times must be booked in advance by calling the Pro Shop and Credit or Debit Card payment is to be made at that time (by providing credit card info over the phone).

  • No cash transactions will be accepted until further notice.

  • Carts will be available (one person per cart).

  • Any Pro Shop merchandise you need on the day of play can be charged and brought out to you.

  • The restaurant will have take-out beverages and hot dogs available with the expectation of expanding the menu over time. And any support you can give will be appreciated.



We intend to proceed with the current Men’s Club season and have our Opening Day on Sunday, April 5 per the schedule on the website. However, this will NOT be a Shotgun as originally scheduled and as a result you will have to book your tee times by calling the Pro Shop after Saturday March 28 at 9am. You will be asked to pay at that time so it is important to make sure that if you are making a time for others in a group that they pay before arriving at the course on the Sunday, April 5. Please help us make this process as painless as possible and adhere to this request.


Many of you have not yet paid your dues and we will not be accepting payment in person on the April 5. There is still plenty of time to mail your check with completed application and have it arrive before the season starts so please do so as tournament payouts will only be available to those whose memberships are current with club dues paid up.

I’m looking forward to the beginning of our new season and will forward any additional updates as they become available.

Thank you for your attention to this message. If you have any questions concerning this information please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

Stay well and see you soon.

Stephen Young – President BFRMC


Dear Fellow Golfers,

We have just received the following from the office of David Lehman, Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD):

Golf Courses – Allow them to open subject to the below

** Clubhouses not open, outside portion of course open only

** For those who can walk, they should walk

** For those who cannot, one person per cart

Follow CSGA best practices – Pay online, players handle their own clubs, etc

CSGA Best Practices are as follows:

** Maintain social distance of at least 6 feet at all times over the entire property including parking and practice areas

** Respect of social distancing applies not only to fellow players but also to golf course employees

** Payments and transactions should be made online or by phone

** Restaurant facilities are closed or limited to take-out service only

** Flagsticks and holes should be adjusted (raised cup liner, pvc or foam insert, etc) so that cup and flagstick are not touched, players should be told not to remove or touch the flagstick

** No caddies, no bag handlers, players handle only their own equipment and should not pick up discarded items such as used tees or stray golf balls

** Sanitation of golf carts after use

** No distribution of scorecards or pencils

** Ball washers, rakes, benches, water coolers, used tee baskets and other commonly handled items on the golf course that can be removed should be removed. Players should also be told not to touch permanent structures such as rain shelters or benches that are permanently fixed

** Stakes marking penalty areas should not be touched

** Starting time intervals should be no less than 10 minutes, players waiting to play should not congregate, maintain social distancing at all times

** No shotgun starts

** If you do not feel well - stay home!

This list from both DECD and CSGA, while extensive may not be entirely comprehensive. If golf course operations develop additional methods of reducing or eliminating risk and keeping both players and staff safe, please institute those practices and share with others in the golf community.

With this announcement from DECD, golf can be played, and played safely in Connecticut during the COVID-19 pandemic. But only if everyone follows these guidelines at all times - especially maintaining strict adherence to social distancing.

It is also our opinion that any golfer who fails to abide by these guidelines should not be playing, and courses would be justified in expelling those who fail to follow these guidelines.

Get some fresh air...get some exercise...enjoy this new way of playing the game...and please be respectful of everyone's space, health and safety.

The Connecticut State Golf Association

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