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Fellow Members,

Finally some good news that I suspect you’ve all been waiting to hear. On behalf of the Executive Board and Tournament Committee, I am pleased to announce the Men’s Club tournament schedule will finally commence on Sunday, May 3.

Numerous discussions have taken place with BFR course management regarding how to safely proceed and we believe we have come up with a set of procedures to allow us to both meet the CDC and CSGA guidelines BFR must operate under and provide the outlet and competition. Please take the time to read the information provided below.

New Procedures for Weekly Club Events

Sign Up for Tee Times - Until further notice, players must call the Pro Shop 8 days before an event in order to secure a preferred time. This means that this Saturday, April 25th is the date to sign up for Opening Day. We will have a dedicated block of times from 7:30-9:30 available only to Men’s Club members who have paid their 2020 dues. Any times we do not fill will then become available to the public starting the next day, Sunday, April 26. If you would like to play before or after our block times you can, as long as you are playing with at least one other BFRMC member.

Event Scoring - State regulations prevent the Club from handing out scorecards so we are going to use the Golf Genius Mobile Smartphone App.

a. Downloading/Using the Golf Genius Mobile Smartphone App:

  • Go to your app store on your Android or iPhone. Search for “USGA Tournament Management.” Then download the smartphone app (the blue icon).

  • Prior to the event, each group on the tournament tee sheet will be provided with a Golf Genius ID (GGID). After you open the mobile app on your phone, use the GGID to log on to the tournament scoring software (Golf Genius Tournament Management). This will allow you to enter your group’s hole-by-hole scores.

  • Click on each name and enter the correct GROSS score for all of the players in your group.

  • After scores are entered for a hole, click “Save Scores.” This will direct you to the next hole on the electronic scorecard.

  • You can also view the event leaderboard by clicking on the “Leaderboard” link on the top right.

b. Keeping Score - One player should take responsibility for each group’s scoring. You must verify the scores of your playing partners, and then submit.

c. No Smartphone? / Late Sign-Up? - For players who have been added after the tee sheets have been finalized or are unable to use the smartphone app, an alternate electronic version of the scorecard will be made available. We will provide additional information on how to access and submit this electronic scorecard in the coming days.

d. Submitting Scores - All scores must be submitted by 12:00AM (midnight) on the day of play to be eligible for the weekly tournament competition and pro shop credits.

Additional Updates

Tournament Rules Sheets - The details for weekly events will be available on the BFRMC website and will also be sent as an announcement each week.

Dues - Although many of you have already paid your 2020 dues, there are a number of returning members that have yet to rejoin. If you have yet to send in your dues check and application, the BFRGC Pro Shop staff will accept credit card payment when you call for your tee time. Only members who have submitted payment prior to play will be eligible for the club’s weekly tournament competition/payouts and maintain a valid USGA/GHIN handicap.

Accurate Email Addresses Needed – Because we are going electronic - with tournament sign-ups, event scoring, and tournament rules sheets - it is imperative we have accurate email addresses for all members so you can receive this information. Please confirm your email address with a message sent to the club’s “Contact Us” email at

Schedule - We will be publishing a revised 2020 Tournament Schedule soon, but in the meantime, please note that the first 4 events played will be individual tournaments. We will not be awarding POY points on May 3. In addition, there will be no Match Play dates or NEPL qualifiers in May. Please also note our 2nd event is on Saturday, May 9th (in deference to Mother’s Day) and therefore, the call in date for tee times for that tournament is FRIDAY, MAY 1.

As the season progresses, we will continue to communicate directly with you via the Mail Chimp group email tool and post similar information on the BFRMC website.

We look forward to a successful year and with your support, we know it will be!

Play Well and Often,

Stephen Young, BFRMC President

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